Today, in the premises of the Commission a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Mr.Gjorgi Slamkov, Phd. ,President of the Commission for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information and prof. Ace Milenkovski , Phd., Rector of the University of Tourism and Management – Skopje.Memorandum 2

The memorandum has a validation of five years (with the possibility of automatic extension). Its signing is a result of a mutual interest for cooperation between the two parties in order to strengthen the cooperation regarding the implementation of the right to free access to public information.

The cooperation between the two institutions will be in the spirit of conducting and maintaining a continuous training sessions on the implementation of the Law of free access public information in the field of education. The purpose of these trainings will be to raise public awareness and increase in the level of knowledge of all target groups in regarding the Law free access to public information, and their rights and obligations that arising from this law.

In the framework of this mutual cooperation concerning the training sessions and any other activities, the two contractors agreed to carry out exchange of experiences and knowledge through joint conducted training sessions and workshops.  The Commissions’ trainers will carry out training sessions with more practical experience rather than purely theoretical training.  

The memorandum will, also, serve as a basis for signing of agreements and contracts that may further aid the introduction and usage of the free access to public information law in the field of higher education.