Organized by the Academy for Judges and Prosecutors “Pavel Shatev” today at the Academy was held conference on “Application of the Law on Free Access to Public Information.” Within the conference, expert speakers from the Commission Secretariat Jordanka Stojkova and Cveta Trajkovska, held a lecture for 20 present information holder officials who act upon requests for free access to public information, the prosecutors from all appellate districts in the country.
The lecture was aimed at raising public awareness and the level of awareness for whistleblowers with the Law on Free Access to Public Information and obligations that derive from it, and the manner of exercising the right to free access to public information character. Through power point presentation the participants of the consultation were introduced to the history, the development of the right to free access to information legislation, the procedure at the request of public information, the course of appellate and criminal procedure as well as the method of preparation of the Annual Report, as a legal obligation of the holders.
Counseling mine with proactive participation of officials of the mentioned segment of the judiciary, which were presented and discussed more concrete examples of the work of the Commission, concerning the handling claims submitted to prosecutors. While participants presenting their own views and opinions on how I acted in given situations.
Special emphasis was placed on the test of harm or of its correct and principled application before the decision for denial of access.