The Commission for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information (Further in text – the Commission) is formed after a Decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia,  no. 07-1849/1 on April 28, 2006. (“Official Gazette of RM”, no. 57/2006.

Address: Blvd. Goce Delcev, no.18 (MRTV building)
1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia

Tel. /Fax: +389 2 3118 038; 3114-695

Internet page:


Official persons for mediating information and giving legal assistance to the applicants for public information, appointed by the Commission are:

Jordanka Stojkova tel./fax 3118-038, 070 337 491;
Cveta Trajkovska tel./fax 3118-038, 071 232 857
Cvetan Stanoeski tel./fax 3118-038, 071 229-301


President of the Commission
Gjorgi Slamkov
02 3118-038

Vice President of the Commission
Blerim Iseni
02 3118-038

Members of the Commission: Valentina Fidanovska  tel. 3118-038

The Commission:

– decides on complaints against the decision and the conclusion by which the holder of  information denied the request of the applicant for information for accessing the information;

– takes care for implementation of the provisions of the Law on Free Access to Public Information;

– prepares and publishes list of holders of information;

– gives opinions on draft laws that are aimed to manage the free access to information;

– undertakes educational activities for the holders of information in order to enable the applicants the free access to the information that the holders possess;

– cooperates with the holders of information concerning the practicing of the right to access to information;

– gives suggestions in the preparation of the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia for the necessary means for unobstructed work of the Commission;

– prepares a guidebook for its work;

– prepares an annual report for its work and provides it to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia;

– works on matters in the international collaboration concerning the performing of the international obligations of the Republic of Macedonia, the involvement in the projects of the international organizations and cooperates with the organs of other states and institutions that work in the field of free access to public information;

– performs other activities established by the Law on Free Access to Public Information and by other laws.