The link “WE ASSIST YOU” contains data about the jurisdictions, activities, obligations and the mission of the registered holders of public information.

By activating this link and its contents, the Commission aims to help all the interested citizens – applicants, according to their needs to do the right choice of information holder to whom they will submit the request for information. Certain information holders (elementary and high schools, faculties, health institutions, clinics, primary and appeals courts etc.) are presented to you in this link as a group, and not separately, because of the same character of their authorisations and obligations. The citizens can reach the basic contact information about the information holders by visiting the link “INFORMATION HOLDERS”.

The Commission will permanently update the link “WE ASSIST YOU” with new and useful information, depending on the changes and the newly obtained data on the activities of the information holders.


State Institutions

Court Authorities

Municipalities in Republic of Macedonia

Public enterprises and institutions in Republic of Macedonia

Health care institutions in Republic of Macedonia

Physical and legal entities that perform public authorisations

Educational institutions in Republic of Macedonia